Alsalam Alikum,

today I'm releasing an alpha version of MSMesher for testing,this MSMesher is based on OpenVDB library

this addon is for Blender to mesh particles (will support point clouds in the future)

link to download:

follow the video,and have fun :)
one note that I forgot to mention:
if you have cached data...and want for example to load data at another file
in the path field ...go to the folder where your data ....and choose any file of your data
for example folder "C:\mydata\"
file name "mydata0001.obj"
when CHOOSING ...change file name from "mydata0001.obj" to "mydata"
MAKE SURE that relative path check box is OFF

for any bugs comment here ,or via email, or on the blenderartists thread

this addon is for Blender 2.66.6 and above (didn't test it with lower versions)

special thanks to blenderArtists friends:
PyroEvil (he gave me the idea to start developing a mesher for Blender,pushed me more after releasing his molecular script addon )

CoDEManX (BEST Blender Python developer...without him I couldn't have done anything in the interface)

Atom (helped me a lot too in understanding Blender Python tricks)

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