I had a play around with my Canon 550D (T2i) and the Magic Lantern raw video recording port that mk11174 has managed to provided at the following link to the Magic Lantern forums:


This was only a few shots of my chickens but thought their interesting patterning and motion would give some interesting results. I have laid up a few shots in a silent sequence using Bridge and Photoshop then outputted via Premiere. I have got a sequence where have graded the shots to match and also the ungraded shots, which are basically if I had not processed any colour grading from the shots I took. There are a couple of shots where it's overexposed and the colour temperature is completely wrong and I still managed to get the colours to match the rest of the footage. When capturing raw stills, my brown chicken and white chicken need quite a bit of grading to ensure that you can see both their lacing on their feathers. I have had trouble seeing both their feather detail using the h264 codec on the Canon video output, even with the Technicolor profile but it seems pretty clear with the raw video, as short as the shots are. I have also done a side-by-side comparison as well to show the difference between graded and ungraded.

There are limitations with the 550D (T2i) because of the small buffer and slow SD controller. I can only get 21 sequential frames at 1280 x 720 at one time using a 7dayshop class 10 (30MB/s) SD card. I can get around 62 sequential frames at 960 x 540.

It's early days but Magic lantern are coming on leaps and bounds, especially with the 5D Mark 3, so hopefully us 550D users will have continuous shooting at a resolution greater than standard definition!

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