Obese, verging on diabetic, Bob (played by director Damon Packard) sells watches and over-consumes in a paranoid post 9/11 southern California landscape as the ghost of his sister, a victim of PCP overdose, desperately searches for him.
Beaming right into your third eye and sticking with you long after viewing like a bad acid nightmare, this tour de force by Packard makes a profound statement of American culture that no other director has dared show.

"It was shocking, intriguing, scary and subversive bad taste from beginning to end. But moments of humour and pathos shine through to keep you glued. Your “Mom” and the elderly couple in the cozy-bubble burb residence were just great. Seriously spot on!
— Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull)

"Nothing short of genius."
— Henry Rollins

"This guy is really sick, no I mean he is really sick…I’ve got kids in the house!"
— Sylvester Stallone


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