Here here!

Robot-Chicken-esque Style Montage Rumble! I went through all the songs I own, and listened to them, to see what random, off the top of my head things I could muster up! I also had to download a few songs, trust me, I didn't have the Celine Dion song until last minute, then *deleted* XD

And this isn't even the half of it. I still have more and more files of 100% music to go through, and perhaps a Montage 3 will be born, but who knows!

*And on a Retarded Note*

Okay, seriously guys.... Are you really that thick?

I'm not implying that Jill and Leon are a couple in the 'Blue' segment of this video. Can you people seriously not put 2 and 2 together??

What color does Jill wear?
What color does Leon wear?
What's the song title?
Do I sense a common theme here?

Besides Billy and perhaps Sherry, (and Billy is more of a grey-blue to me) what other characters exclusively wear blue? Exactly. You should know from all my other videos, I'm a sure-fire Leon/Ada, Chris/Jill shipper.

I know it's not a big deal, and I'm kind of being a bitch for no reason. But come on.... Are people in this world really lacking that much common sense? I've just been asked/told so much about 'Why Jill and Leon?' 'Jill and Leon are like SUCH a good couple'. I feel like the only sane and sensible person left on the RE fan base.


Left out songs (by accident!)

Song mistitle: Another Brick in the Wall... part 2
White Stripes- We're gonna be Friends
Chocobo Theme- Final Fantasy VIII

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