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Music by Stephen Plumb

In conjunction with Central Saint Martins, this film was commissioned by the National Gallery in London for its Transcriptions series. The painting that inspired me for this project was “The Gare Saint Lazare” by Monet.
The image reminds me of a dream I had repeatedly some time ago. I was running in a station trying to catch one of the many trains passing through, but I could never reach any of them on time.

The initial idea that came up from this link was to make a modern version of a crowded station with lots of people walking back and forth. I felt interested in depicting the relationships emerging from contemporary urban life with its intrinsic feeling of anguish and solitude in an abstract sense, more than narrate a specific story.
I arched the film on a small “life-fragment” of two anonymous characters running, one escaping from a second one. There’s a story at the rear of both lives, as there’s a life behind every person you brush past on the tube, but just like there, the viewer is only aware of the moment when these two lives cross in a precise moment and space. We won’t know the reason why they are running and chasing or who they are escaping from until they get into the train, when we find out that Mike, the main character, has been chasing himself and has been escaping from himself.
The film is an open story about solitude, anguish, pace, energy, time passing and the rhythm of modern times and overall about the confrontation of our reality and search for our own identity.

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