Like most of my others, this video is meant to be playing on the side or in the background during installations where there's a lot going on. Not really intended for staring at the whole time.

My first actual show/performance for the Easter Island Project happened in this wonderful derelict military base at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Washington, 2008.

One year before the show, I scouted Battery Vicar and surrounding bunkers to find the right place for doing my show and making music on-site. This video is from scoutin'. I did find a freaking fantastic spot for natural reverb (one of those square things I sing in front of here). In the real show, I brought audience members in one by one to this piss-smelling, pigeon-dropping-filled bunker room and held their hands, gazed into their eyes, and sang to them in the "sweet spot" for the reverb.

I was draped in pale white cloths I'd spray-painted so they'd match the textured cement. Singing directly to people like that was very intense. Some people were uncomfortable, some cried, I eventually cried, too, although I had to stop because, well, you can't really sing and cry at the same time (despite what opera singers make it look like).

And stuff like that.
note to self: this version imported to iMovie 11 from an original .dv file that was apparently screened in Oakland and maybe NYC. that original version would have been made in iMovie HD, i think. not sure where source files are.

i'm exporting using iMovie 11's built-in "share-vimeo" function at 720x540 and i can't say i'm terribly hopeful the compression will be brilliant. oh well.

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