Hey all vimeors (?) ! Its been a while since I posted a video here, but you can find the others on my youtube if you so wish. What I really hope to accomplish by posting to vimeo is some creative feedback on how Im doing and all. Im working on a pretty low budget (besides borrowing a 5dmii from my brother) which means those are all work lights, the dolly is homemade, and yes, if you didnt guess those arent real actors...

Heres the youtube channel link if you want to see the others: youtube.com/user/PerfectStormStudios?feature=watch


Actors: Evan Marshall, Josh Marvenko, Matt Yankello, Caleb Porto

Director/Writer/Editor/DP: Caleb Porto

Camera Man: Andrew Stein, Caleb Porto, Caleb Goss

Stage Hands: Andrew Stein, Caleb Goss, Josh Brown

Special Thanks to:
Sean Porto ( seanporto.com/ ) (For providing his lovely Canon 5dMii, house and computer for editing, and everything else)
Sam, Amber, Alex (For putting up with me during the editing)
Vincent Michael (For providing a nice air cannon)
Jack Zheng (For letting us use the garage for green screening)
Randy Weigel (For providing arrows)
That Guy At Lowes (Because I told him I'd give him a credit)

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