"Hallowed Ground" brings to light the significant number of endangered American Civil War battle sites. Today, these sites are being lost at the fearful rate of 30 acres per day. Nearly 20 percent of America’s Civil War battlefields have been destroyed. Of those cherished grounds that remain, only 15 percent are protected by the federal government. Preservation groups who have not forgotten their duty to protect and preserve these lands are fighting to save them from falling into the of the disregarded.

We traveled to several locations from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to some of the most threatened battle sites, our cameras captured interviews with representatives from the National Park Service as well as some of the most notable figures in Civil War battlefield preservation. During our travels, the production crew bore witness to the battles these organizations face and, at times, the discouraging conditions to which these fields of honor have been reduced.

This documentary will chronicle how preservationists are diligently engaged in saving and protecting these sites. It will further show that without their efforts and those of the general public, these and other Civil War battle locations will be doomed to destruction. If we continue to neglect our duty to history and heritage, the opportunity will be forever lost for future generations to learn from this critical time in our nation’s past and appreciate the freedoms bought them with the blood of men who fought and died upon this sacred soil..the "Hallowed Ground".


Directed/Photographed by K. 'Mac' McCarney
Edited/Produced/Written by Kevin D. Klump

Copyright © 2004-2013 by Silicon Prairie Media LLC - All Rights Reserved
This video may not be copied in whole or in part without the written consent of Silicon Prairie Media LLC.

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