I turned 22 today and as promised, I release my first track from my upcoming mixtape ''Valedictorian'' + The fully finished front & back cover with the tracklist.
As you can see, I have a lot of dope collaborations in the making as well. I have no release date yet, so make sure to check one of my sites to stay up to date on the progress of Valedictorian.
My first release is a collaboration with the group ''PainK!llers''. its a 2 man group created out of Spin-Man & RedVII. Some of you who've been following me for some years know I was originally in a group with them called ''Reppin045''. That group broke up in 2009, and this is the first time we have all been together on 1 track, so im kinda looking forward to all your comments.
Make sure to spread this song with your friends & family & leave some love. I present you:

His-Story - Be Who You are Ft. PainK!llers (Produced by RedVII)

Also ''FREE DOWNLOADABLE'' from all our soundclouds

Written & Performed By: His-Story, RedVII & Spin-Man
Beat By: RedVII
Mixing & Mastering: RedVII









Special Shout out to the person who made the front & back cover. ''Jeremy Kiehlman'' Make sure to contact him for all your promo material, covers, flyers, logo's, posters etc.:


[Intro hook]

Be who you are, don't ever change.
The world was made to measure by your smile, So smile...


You gotta be, You gotta be who you are
Dont change, Dont you ever change.

[Verse 1] His-Story:

yea, Sometimes I caught myself acting differently cuz,
People always told my I was no good or not good enough.
And now I cant believe how stupid I was,
So from my own experience I say just do what you love.
Dont ever change,take pride in strange,
Dont be afraid of confronting people about something they aint.
cuz you will never be, enemey free, eventually,
you shouldnt give a fuck about them or what you end up to be.
As long as you perish, satisfied with ease,
You shouldnt take it as a burden but as something complete.
Dont feel the need, to succeed or repeat,
Every stupid mistake you made thats created out of grieve.
Cuz in the end it doesnt matter whats right or wrong,
As long as you stay true to yourself and you keep movin' on.
You can be strong, you can be faithfull,
And you wont have to swallow names such as being a scapegoat.


[Verse 2] RedVII:

When I Was a little kid, the first thing I've learned,
That I always had to stay myself where ever I were.
Nobody, could ever tell me how to live my life,
I Don't need your freakin opinion so stick it up in your mind.
I'm a man with pride, That knows how to survive,
Some people think i'm weird cuz i just live the way i like.
So whenever I die, I die with pride without lies,
Cuz I spend a nice time, livin a real Nice life.
So realize, That you can do the same,
Cuz there is nothing better then being the mainperson of your game
Never lie to yourself, Never change for someone else,
cuz at the end you're the one that looks in a mirror to himself.
So stand your own ground and be who you wanna be,
Show me your fist in the air if you agree.
Be proud of ya self and don't care what others say,
Let today be the day that You find your own way.


[Verse 3] Spin:

I'm like a puppet without the strings,
cause I don't really give a fuck what you think,
So don't think, just because you take me as a loser,
that you can take control over me or my future.
fuck it, I've been down that road before,
and I know how it feels when you're being ignored.
I'm the fuck up of the group the one that people hate,
the one that needs to leave every fucking night in shame.
But, I don't give a fuck, i'm proud at my self,
for not letting you pricks destroy me for who I am.
Take my advice and be the warrior you are,
fight against this world and make sure you win this war.
Don't let anybody walk over you,
let them know that they ain't dealing with a fool.
And if it happens that, you get laughed at,
use it as a motivation to get back on track.


Peace & Blessings

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