This is a film made by Genetic Moo's art work called Squidlets. The faces on the swimming creatures are from the artists, friends and visitors to the exhibition. Also a couple of celebrities got in there. Each squidlet has a colour that it prefers to be around (call it food if you like) When they are on that colour - which is seen from a webcam connected to the program, they get larger and slow down. They steer around using a couple of 'eye' like sensors at the front. When they have no food they shrink (starve) and eventually run out of energy and drop to the bottom. The visitors in the show can however revive the squidlets by shining the favoured colour torch onto it.

The program takes a screen capture each minute and when we string all these images together an instant self documenting film is produced. Here you can see the waves of colour in the gallery - and then the business of the provate view - the third day when we added in more squidlets and changed the program visuals and then there is a section of people sitting which was the talks day.

The program was written in the Processing language.

Squidlets the artwork, was shown as part of Microworld Arcadia art show which is in Cardiff from May 21st - June 2nd. The show combines several artists working with light sound and interaction and is set up differently each day. See the website for more details and images

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