Shot with the new BlackMagic Cinema Camera.
Shot with ProRes Film LUT and use Resolve for Color Work.
Important: I have noticed that monitors that is not properly calibrated to REC 709 space might see flatter and duller color. Suggested monitor to view it correctly is NEC, LACIE, or EIZO IPS calibrated monitor.

Directed by Hans Purwa
Actor - Gaby Miller

Music by Ma Fleur (Home)

Equipment use 28mm Canon 2.8, Glidecam, Monopod, Tripod, Slider and Fluid Head.

The Pro Res from the BlackMagic Cinema is amazing and sharp with details. Anyone who is interested in this camera and afraid of the require RAW space can use Pro-Res 422 HQ with confidence. Highlight and shadows are retain very well and bit depth quality is truly remarkable from a $3000 camera.

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