Synopsis - A single mother wanting to rekindle her relationship with her teenage son trying hard to bridge the gap times have created, a failed writer trying to revive his creativity amidst external and internal conflicts, a group of friends meeting up for a celebration end up trying to revive an unexpected situation and how these characters cross paths willingly or unwillingly forms the storyline of the film. This film is an introspective take on life the way it is. It's about communication issues, creative obsession & self destructive motives.

Cast & Crew
(Actor) (Character)
Adithi Kalkunte ... KALPNA
Madan Ramvenkatesh... VINU
Tanushree Ishaani ... FRIEND
Sanjeev Nair ... LEKH
Monish Nagaraj ... ANURAG
Naveen Kumar ... KITTY
Kenneth Sebastian ... PAUL
Anjana Ajit ... RAMYA
Anand Varadaraj ... KRISH
Abhijith Revathi ... SHIVU
Kiran Midigeshi ... GURU
Falah Faisal ... MIME
Abhijit Purohit ... RANGE GOWDA
Khuldeepak ... MANI
Swapnashree Bhasi ... CHANCHAL
Vishwesh Shiva Prasad... MIME
Anirudh Acharya ... SANJU
Karthik Nagarajan ... DADDA
Keerthi Natarajan ... MIME
Sruthi Hariharan ... SUZIE

Arvind Kamath

Script Assistant
Raghav Bhotika

Acting Workshop
Raghav Bhotika

Vishwesh Shiva Prasad

Casting Co-ordinator
Supritha Sanjay

Location Manager
Supritha Sanjay

Production Stills & Making
Vishwesh Shiva Prasad

Publicity Design
Arvind Kamath
Vishwesh Shiva Prasad
Bharath MC

Production Controller
Madan Ramvenkatesh

Production Supervisor
Arvind Kamath

Art Directors
Poojitha Prasad & Raghav Bhotika

Assistant Camera

Assistant Directors
Madan Ramvenkatesh
Kiran Midigeshi
Vishwesh Shiva Prasad

Arvind Kamath

Color grading, Sound Design & VFX
Bharath MC

Arvind Kamath
Bharath MC

Bharath MC
Aveer Ratan Thakur

Director of Photography
Bharath MC

Story, Screenplay, Produced & Directed
Arvind Kamath

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