A WOA|Way of Arts event/exhibition with opening Cocktail on Friday the 31st of May 2013 [ 7.30pm ], at WOA facilities [ DNA Cascais, Cruz da Popa, 2645-449 Alcabideche|Cascais _ gps = 38º43'36.58'' N 9º24'44.27'' W ], presenting the art work of Marina Muñoz Viada, Rox Lawson, Maria Virginia Fiorini and Karen Aarre.


The Atlantic. A current embracing the Old and New Worlds, always changing and in constant movement, like the artists presenting their works in this unique space. Rox Lawson, Virginia Fiorini, Karen Aarre and Marina Muñoz Viada left their respective native lands of the River Plate, the fjords and the Castillian planes, to move to the beautiful coast of Cascais.
Four artists united by their love of the sea, their friendship and the creative urge that they share. Four views evoking the essence of the ocean on each canvas with the forms and colours of nature imagined by the artists.
Marina Muñoz Viada’s collages are filled with indigo and ochre in constant movement. Iridescent silhouettes appear, as the artist’s tribute to those settle the waves. “The ocean in Portugal is for surfing, not sailing”, she says. Her figures and materials evoke the essence of this unique coast.
Rox Lawson explores the textures of foam, seabeds and the thrust of water. Her springs and lakes have the force of primeval Creation. She expresses the forces of nature, inspired by the oceans of her travels, from Buenos Aires to Sintra.
Virginia Fiorini depicts with her camera the immensity of the ocean, like a universe where the external elements are diluted by time. Boats left hanging, caravels adrift, beings merging into the sand, reality or dream. From Buenos Aires to Rio, to Cascais – a perfect ocean, whose waters on this side are tinged with melancholy.
Karen Aarre transforms canvasses into metaphors, evoking legends of other lands. With delicate strokes, she captures the light of the Atlantic on a rock, on a cleft, on a current that the night raises to the stars. Her marine horizons describe the fragility of the moment with poetic and harmonious strokes. [ Concha Huerta ]

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