Sept 09 – Open Forum: Wealth, Power and Pleasure; Christian thought on modern values.

Introduced by
Professor Daniel KL Chua, head of the Department of Music and School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts, HKU

Speakers (in chronological order)

Dr John Dickson (Macquarie University)
Mr Stuart McAllister (Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University)
Dr Ravi Zacharias (Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University)

Wealth, power and pleasure are values that have not only driven Hong Kong for many years, but are increasingly prized around the modern world. And why not have it all? Why shouldn’t you aspire to become the next Gates, Buffet or Soros and use your financial clout to change the world for good. And isn’t the good life worth pursuing precisely because it is good? Hear some of the leading scholars on Christian thought as they tackle these human issues.

Date: Friday, September 4, 2009
Venue: Rayson Huang Lecture Theatre, The University of Hong Kong

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