This is a Digital Domino created in my free time for an old school assignment. The actual assignment was to create 1 digital input and output link, (so we could connect them together with our co-students). Doing it now all by myself i decided to create a little bit more than that. Hope you enjoy, and for specific details read down below.

What is actually happening:
I hooked up a Simple Arduino board under the table. When creating a full electric network (the hovercraft in the mini private swimming pool connecting to the aluminum foil) the board will send a signal to my pc, telling it to give a space click as output. This activated the music that was opened in I-Tunes. Following up by a domino placed on the bass speaker that gets vibrated off, into the paper "tunnel" Turning over the domino's.

After that domino's, domino's and more domino's fall over until they get to the PVC pipe and the ball is stopped by the paper stuffed inside it. Meanwhile the domino's take another side road over the table, hitting some poker chips (these were hell to set up like that) and playing cards (that also make a electronic circuit), powering the click button on my pc, showing my logo.

Falling of the table. Hitting two devices that will pull out the paper in the PVC pipe and releasing the balls to follow up their path. Flipping over some DVD's, a broom allowing to travel back up the table again to finish the last part. WIth in the end one poker chips getting knocked over, falling into the cup and activating the next remote (digital out and input)... Only known to some what it will activate.......

Special thanks to:
*Sjors Verberne: Builder in training and cameraman
*Ward Borremans: Proving a solid handheld camera

The music you hear (with intervals, cause the electric circuit kept sending signals sometimes so it would turn on/off) is not owned by me, but by: Sponsored by Destiny from Slagsmålsklubben.
According link: watch?v=Y54ABqSOScQ.

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