The One People

The videos and information contained below has the Australian prospective, but in essence the data holds true all over the world.

In the following series of videos Uwe Schafer and Scott Bartle discuss the way in which the global economy works. From how loans are actually made to how the debt slavery system really works.

These videos are must-see viewing for anyone trying to get a firm idea about what has been going on behind our backs, and what we can do to put things right.

You can visit to keep up with what Scott and Uwe have been doing.

Substantiate the Debt and we will continue to pay you.

If you are unable to do so by providing all requested evidence, duly verified in the eyes of THE WORLD, where do you think you will go with this?

Continue with your harassment, bullying, outright lies and constructs, or shall we say – Domestic Terrorism?

Extortion remains extortion. The time for change is NOW!


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