This video was created to accompany the exhibition "Rebound: Dissections and Excavation in Book Art". The video provides viewers with a look inside the publication "Doug Beube: Rebreaking the Codex".

The publication of a recent monograph about Doug Beube’s thirty-year practice of bookwork, collage and mixed media is irreverently altered by cutting, gouging and collaging the original book. The aggressive modification of Beube’s own publication is ironically contemptuous. By surgically cutting into both the front and backside of "Doug Beube: Breaking the Codex," as if it’s an archeological dig or medical dissection, reveals the different layers of his artwork. Like the red indices of a dictionary, for example, that organizes the letters of the alphabet, the thinly sliced pages of Beube’s bookwork reveals a summary of various colorful chapters and illegible texts.

Not until viewers turn the pages of the book do they see the interventions between the reproductions, written text, cut and gouged out pages that disrupts an unhindered read. The reader is constantly reminded that the surface of each page is expandable (and expendable) or references another; it’s not solid, it’s a fluid space. As metaphor, each oblong cut becomes a ‘hyper-link,’ a subtext to previous and forthcoming pages.

Directed by: Brian Damage
Original Soundtrack: Nathan Koci
Producer: Karen Ann Myers

Re-Breaking the Codex, 2012
altered book, box, collage, wooden stand
12 x 12 x 3 inches

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