My 2nd attempt using the Canon 5D MkII solely as a video camera. I've read several reports on the camera but never really got a clear synopsis of it. Some people love it, some people hate it, I didn't find many who sat in the middle.

The last thing the digital-video-world needs is another opinion on this camera so I'll spare my thoughts but I will say this: if you can compensate for its weaknesses, I think you can use it very successfully... especially for low budget work. Do I think this particular video would have turned out better if it was shot on the RED One Camera? Maybe, but for the internet-viewing world, I personally don't think so.

The artist is Ace Edwards. The song is called "No". This was all shot in 1 single day around downtown Dallas, and in the lovely Quarter Bar.

For more info, check out my website: or

Let me know what you guys think! Thanks for checking out my work!

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