Featured "Mop-man" and raver for 'The Gallery Summer at Ministry of Sound' video.

Providing 'Excellence in the art of sound' every Friday night at Ministry of Sound, The Gallery looks forward to the next chapter in its illustrious history following the recent 18th Birthday celebrations. By showcasing the freshest DJ talent alongside cherished household names, The Gallery continues its pivotal role in shaping the future of electronic music in London. Welcome to the future...

Director: Josh Joshua Lipworth
Art Director: Caleb Al-Jorani
Producer: Amber Phillips
Production Assistant: Noah Nvmbr
Hair Stylist: Joshua Goldsworthy
Junior Hair Stylist: Benj Warner
Make-up Artist: Alex Chalk
Make-up Assistant: Nóra Belovai
Runners: Lorne Don Macadam, Yumi Tsoy
Choreography: Hollie Stewart, Rhiannon Munson
Models/Dancers: Dan Dewhirst, Tzima Tsit, Danubia Sousa Whitelaw, Janine Craig, Chloe Mellen, Lauren Danecek, Nic Yeeles, Andro Cowperthwaite and Nikka Lorak at Ministry of Sound London.

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