‘Brilliant’, ‘Subversive’, ‘Auteur’, ‘Incomprehensible’.

As a B-movie director working in the Nikkatsu Studio film sausage factory, the rebellious Seijun Suzuki was responsible for directing the ‘B-sides’ of cinema double-bills, producing up to three pictures a year. tired of the staid restrictions of commercial genre cinema, Suzuki—to the escalating protestations of the studio he worked for—began directing a series of increasingly hilarious, unique, and audacious spins on gangster flicks and historical drama until he was eventually fired. Metro presents an exploration of some this rediscovered and celebrated director’s most iconic work from the dawn of the sixties to the film that resulted in his blacklisting from the industry; a kaleidoscopic pop paradise of indelible images and renegade cool.

metrocinema.org/fest_view/157/ for showtimes and location.

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