A film by Stuart Cottle and Steven Hazleton.

The film addresses the issue of the reliance that many people have on technological data, to hold precious sentiments such as memories, and the ignorance we have towards the fragile nature of this data. The film shows fragments of a young girls life in an unconventional style that averts from the traditional voyeurism of conventional cinema. Throughout the production of this film we have attempted to explore a range of processes through limitation and thus produce a work that is unique in style.

Created in line with Manifesto 2.0 -

1. A film conforming to 2.0 must only be shot on a single digital format.

2. The script must be written in 4 weeks.

3. All sounds, diegetic and non-diegetic, must be recorded in post.

4. Between 40% and 60% of scenes must be shot by the cast.

5. Within 48hrs of export the film must be shared over a minimum of 5 social media platforms.

6. The duration of the film must exceed 5 minutes 20 seconds.

7. All scenes must be shot without a camera rig (E.g. Tripod, Glider, steadicam etc.).

8. All raw footage must be deleted no more than 1 hour after the film has been shared.

9. The filmmakers MUST strive to create a film that makes sense to themselves and themselves alone, allowing the audience to experience the film from their own subjective position.

10. The filmmakers MUST always have the Japanese idea of Wabi Sabi in mind, and in doing this embrace the imperfections inherent in human creation.

11. The filmmakers MUST be adventurous in the edit and look to create layers of meaning where appropriate.

12. All Rules between and including 1 and 8 should be followed liberally.

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