Great ideas do not "just become" amazing products and services. Every new idea must be met with countless hours of development—thinking, planning, refining, researching, perfecting, etc—to make it ready for market, to make it an "opportunity" instead of just an "idea." But great ideas and development only get you so far. Once one has a viable opportunity, it is time to secure the funds to make the opportunity a consumable reality. It is time to secure significant financing.

In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of financing a new venture from securing seed money to develop an idea to establishing financing rounds that develop a full-blown opportunity. Though the eight units of the course you will have the opportunity to:

Identify common sources of funding for new ventures and the role of private equity
Examine the evaluation methods used by entrepreneurs to determine business worth
Critique the factors used by investors to value potential investments
Negotiate the terms for closing a new venture financing deal

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