Concept, Direction and Creation: Bill Psarras
Walking and Discussion: Bill Psarras and S. Ntzioras
Cinematography: Nikolas Grigoriou, Dimitris Dermousis
Additional Cinematography: Bill Psarras
Sound recording, Montage: Bill Psarras
Bill Psarras © 2013. All rights reserved

Weaving Footsteps and Confessions becomes a time-based work in which walked moments and sound excerpts of the discussion are weaved together through moments of “tuning” between the expressed words and the mechanized “sonic wrap” of metronome. On 22nd of November 2012, Bill Psarras conducted a 7 hours shared walk of cyclical shape with an invited co-walker, around the Lycabettus mount at the centre of Athens, Greece. The artist intended to walk, sense and express their emotion while walking and talking into a metaphorical interrelation between the social crisis (city) and personal one (self). His intention of walking a circle was to conduct a metaphorical "weaving" of the different areas around Lycabettus mount - areas with different social, spatial and historical ambiances. Bill Psarras concept draws connections to the great cultural icon of W. Benjamin's 'flaneur' by bringing it into the 21st century city of multiple contradictions. The walk was documented through filming, sound recording, notes and GPS data.

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