Last week’s video featured the nonprofit partnership between BUILD and TRF (TRFDP), which is building more than 90 new homes in our neighborhood – beginning in 2014. This week’s video illustrates how building homes for new neighbors creates new jobs for the men and women who already live in East Baltimore.

In completing 67 homes across Broadway in Oliver – and now working on Broadway at the edge of our neighborhood – TRFDP has focused on local hiring. As the partnership moves deeper into our community, Regional Manager Kim Nunnally says that focus will remain:

"TRF Development Partners is a non-profit housing and community development organization. In addition to hiring local residents and minority-owned contractors, we also try to hire those individuals who may have challenges to gaining employment due to certain obstacles they may have had in their past."

Because of the TRFDP partnership, East Baltimore resident Kevin Branch is now working, but he recalls his relatively recent past as a cautionary tale:

"Before all this work, I was in the streets. I was playing Russian roulette with my freedom."

One of the key reasons that TRFDP’s work is creating local jobs is that they are hiring local minority-owned companies – like C.L. Myles Contracting and Personal Electric. C.L. Myles Contracting will soon be rebuilding several historic homes at the intersection of Broadway and Eager – across the street from Park View at Ashland Terrace. Owner Curtis Myles explains:

"One of the things I really pride myself on is neighborhood hiring. I want to make sure that people in the community get a chance to work on our project. What we do with neighborhood guys is make sure that any subcontractor will give them opportunities to work."

Personal Electric owner Marvin Braswell, credits his companies recent – and future – work with TRFDP for allowing him to create jobs in his community:

"Personal Electric is a family owned business. We purchased a building on Central Avenue, and doing the work here has helped us to pay our bills, so we can stay in the area. Personal Electric has hired several people from the community, and we continue to reach out."

Rebuilding our neighborhood has the positive impact of enabling entrepreneurs to build their businesses – and empowering our neighbors to build careers to support their families. And our partnership with BUILD ensures that the community is well represented in our progress.

Thank you for reading this week’s email. We hope that you will take a few minutes to watch this week’s video.

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