Hey guys. Thanks for checking this out.

I’m really stoked to let y’all in on my new project – 3 DEALS 3 NEEDS.
This project is going to get you sweet deals all around Atlanta while helping local charities and causes DO what they DO to help people everyday.

Here’s how it works:

Every 3 DAYS . . . We post 3 DEALS . . . for 3 DOLLARS .

These deals will offer deeper discounts than other programs at places like restaurants, cafés , coffee shops, bars, pubs and other venues.

To make it even better – these deals are valid for 3 MONTHS longer than regular deals, so you can take advantage of the deal when it’s most convenient for you.

Well worth 3 BUCKS, and well worth the impact you’ll have on people’s lives . . . every 3 DAYS.

3 DEALS 3 NEEDS is launching full steam this summer with $1.50 going to charities from every deal you take advantage of - but by signing up now we donate $1.83 to the charities supported by your deals – AND – when 3 DEALS 3 NEEDS launches, you’ll have access to exclusive deals NOT available to the general public.

Here’s what you do. In the form below – fill out your name and email – and you’re done.

I look forward to seeing your name pop up on the list. It’s gonna take awesome people like you who care to make this happen.

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