We are Trails Company Plauen. We love being outside in the woods. We shovel our asses off to get our jumps dialed. We´re in search of the perfect lip. We can´t get enough.

'Friss Dreck' is our anual event at Sturmbahntrails Plauen. Due to the long and cold winter we did rarely ride so far. It was more about fixing winter´s damage and setting up new lines.

Weather forecast was all but good for our jam´s weekend so we were about to cancel the whole thing. But at the end there was an okay forecast so we decided to give it a go and hope for the best. Many people come from all over Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Poland and Belgium. The Czech came with their Kalbus including booze, beers and bikes.

For the fist time we had two bands playing at our jam. First one was 'A Document Says' from A-Town in Germany and the second band was Braindead from Jicin (CZ).

music credits:

"What Lurks Beyond" by Steve Booke

"D'Evils 2008 Instrumental {Talib Kweli}" by 6th Sense

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