This is my first Time Lapse Clip using with Kessler Pocket Dolly & Mini Drive. You can set up the speed by using Kessler App and it's quite accurate.

It would be better to make about double slower than your expecting video clip image because it will give you more room to adjust the speed in the post. However that mean you need double time to sit and wait next to your camera though.

Use polariser filter to make cloud more clear and use ND8 to make shutter speed slower than 1/30 to make image smoother. When you film wave slower shutter speed make looks wave much smooth as well.

last bit were using moon light as key light. I used 10 mm on 60D and f 5.6 with 7 sec. with 1 sec gap.

There are still more things to learn try and error will be best short cut to learn Time Lapse.

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