Exhibit Trailer for "CIRCUMPLEX - a video installation by Kai-Duc Luong" - Two videos, One couple, Two instruments : Eight Emotions (Anger, Trust, Fear, Surprise, Anticipation, Joy, Disgust, Sadness). Loosely based on the Circumplex of emotions by R. Plutchik.

"A circumplex is a circular representation
of human nature that can
be traced from ancient astrology to
Leonardo da Vinci to the modern
interpersonal circumplex models..."

Starring: Alice Wedoff, Matthew Holzfeind
Music by: Chat / Joseph Chedid
Choreography by: Benjamin H. Wardell / Kathleen Thielhelm
Artistic Direction: Alexandra Loewe
Production Coordinator/1st AD: Marie Ullrich
Cinematography: Tony Santiago
Photography: Heather Stone / Kai-Duc Luong
Casting Director: Robert Teetsov
Producer/Writer/Director/Editor: KDL

Opening Night: Oct 2nd, 2009, 8pm - 11pm @ The Vilcek Foundation, New York, NY, USA
Address: 167 E. 73rd St, New York, NY, USA
Exhibition dates: Oct 2 thru Nov 14, 2009
RSVP: vilcek.org

The Vilcek Foundation
167 East 73rd Street
New York, New York 10021
Phone: 212.472.2500
Fax: 212.472.4720
Email: info@vilcek.org

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