Steles, at ancient times, established for the purpose of perpetuation and memory or as territorial border indicators. Although bearing no caption, the many worldwide scattered steles provide comprehensive information about the cultures that created it. The wall, the pit and the tunnel are modern steles; architectural structures which passes and process information both in a material and thematic ways. The wall, in and on itself, adds information as an object which was added to the surface, for example, dividing the unlocked territory or boarders determining.
The tunnel, on the other hand, being dug beneath the surface, leaves an empty space that alters the information while reducing the existent material. A tunnel is an action of subtracting and hiding of information, a concealed passage.
The pit, to compare with, distorts the material. Its construction leaves it apparently as it was. It is being assimilated into the ground, appearing natural, although it will never be as such… the pit, as an abandoned warlike outcome, becomes a battles memorial which glorifies the violence and death while exhibiting an incomplete factual image.
In those structures, the material exists as limited information, defined in a closed and finite reality. The wall, the tunnel or the pit are different expressions for processing the actual material. Addition, position, subtraction, excavation, drilling, flattening or sedimentation of the material creates a change in it. The genealogy of the change leaves self seeding on or beneath the surface. Those self-seeding simultaneously exist as revealed evidence for the thing itself and as hidden evidence for what is not there.
The architectural structures, once built, become steles, and move away from the primal causativeness of their actual existence. They appear in front of us, though present as their time has passed by. From now on they are only objects of nothing, structures which simplicity stand there.

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