What is social enterprise? Cambridge University Social Entrepreneurs Community was a group of people curious about social enterprise and to find out more about this type of business they went on a tour in summer of 2007 - interviewing over 30 social enterpreneurs around England and Wales. This film offers a tour through social enterprise or social enterprise through a tour - how this particular group, CUSEC, explored what social enterprise can be. Via the voices of the social entrepreneurs we met it offers: definitions of social enterprise, stories behind their social enterprises, what they perceive as the role and future of social enterprise and their advice to young people interested in the sector. This is 2012 re-editing of the original 2008 film.

N.B. This film has two swear words in it - they are left in unbleeped as they are not being used for inter-personal abuse but as part of pungent colloquialisms.

If you like the video but for your prospective audience these two swear words (which are at 14:11 and 15:58) are a problem then message me and a censored version could be produced - for instance if you are a teacher who thinks it would be great for your class but not acceptable "as is" with the swear words. Fortunately an audience mature enough to be interested in social enterprise is probably also mature enough to cope with
a) the fact some people are not politically correct at all times and
b) that presenting an uncensored, original voice rather than engaging in censorship may be a valid choice if the source material was quite clean to start with.

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