Tension 17 comes from a series of performance installation entitled Tension (2000-). The Tension performance works have centered around my body, both internally and externally. In each performance the body becomes a scientific discovery, where the body is mapped through constraints, space, objects, substances and environment.

After relocating to Melbourne, Australia from Brisbane, Australia, I became interested in how AFL sports stars are lauded as defining examples of masculinity. This fascination became the driving force behind performance works Tension 10, Tension 12, Tension 13 and Tension 17, where I sought to out-perform the expectation these men face; rather then running through a banner at the beginning of a match, I ran through a series of walls.

You can also view more images of these performances and more at timothykendalledser.tumblr.com/
This is a short edited version of the Tension Performance.

Thank you for the help and support for this work from Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia, Tim Pasmore, Jose Da Silva, Carl Warner, Trevor Edser and Justin Rogers.

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