Moving through Space: An Animated Tour of FIT

FIT Department of Illustration BFA 2013 senior candidates.
IL472-601 Illustrator as Documentary Artist class.
Pencil and ink on 3x5 inch index cards -- scanned into digital image sequence.
Spring 2013

Any TIP $ will go to the F.I.T. Illustration Club

The Assignment:

The class walked through campus.

Every 25 yards one student took a position.

Each student drew 10-25 panels on index cards moving through space in increments to reach the next student’s starting position -- leaving the first panel at the start position in order for the student behind to match shots.

Illustrators (in order of appearance)

Laura Spicer, Ryan LaBella, Thomas Bifulco, Lauren Schlissel, Lina Hsiao, Jennifer Seggio, Victor Saint-Hilaire, Natalie Candelaria, Leanne Bridie, Kayla Burdon, Maria Lambiris, James Skarbek, Angel Garcia, Jasmine Fiscus, Christine Snogans, Alyssa Steele, Anita Rundles, Melissa Curro, Katie Kerpel.

Dan Shefelman
Assistant Professor
Department of Illustration
FIT School of Art and Design

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