A fanedit by DANNY LAVERY. This is a not-for-profit fan edit, no infringement intended.

46 minutes approx

Starring Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davison, Tom Baker & Jon Pertwee
with Sophie Aldred, Caroline John, Nicholas Courtney, Nicola Bryant, Louise Jameson & Michael Wisher


The Doctor in his seventh incarnation is killed during a Dalek Civil War.
This is not supposed to happen, a mysterious being associated takes advantage of the time distortion, traps companion Ace on an asteroid with a Sontaran and a Draconian, then aborts the Forth Doctor's regeneration at Pharos - further damaging the timeline.

The Doctor survives in England well into 1993 without his TARDIS, which has been transformed into the evil Control Centre. Dr Liz Shaw of the Pretanatural Research Beaurau (PROBE) investigates a soon-to-be-closed down psychiatric hospital, bit how is this connected to the mysterious AIRZONE?

And can the Doctor, who is rapidly regenerating, save the timeline and stop the mysterious creature?

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