00:00 - Welcome to the Space
01:23 - The Opening Shots
03:26 - Opposing Views
06:03 - A Cry for Help
07:55 - Misery Loves Company
09:10 - Standing on the Fulcrum
11:27 - The Reckoning
15:37 - Credits

A doctor and a nurse discuss the nature of a patient that was brought into their asylum in the dead of night. They question the possible diagnosis and prepare themselves to meet the wailing victim…

Middle England, a nondescript house; run down and in need of repair. Within this house live Irene and her son, Caleb who has a previously recognised and diagnosed mental health condition. This has resulted in his mother locking him away from the outside world.

As we join them, we perceive the struggle between these two characters. The story unfolds and we witness the revelation that each of these characters has their own agenda for the actions that they take throughout the story.

Whilst Irene claims that hiding Caleb from the outside world is the result of the fact that she is worried about him hurting strangers, we come to realise that she has a deeper and more destructive paranoia.

Caleb, who wishes nothing more than the freedom to explore the world outside his prison walls, claims that he is of good health and pushes his mother constantly to allow him outside. The pressure builds and we witness Caleb’s mental health decline to the point that he experiences a schism; he starts talking to his embodied alter ego. Things only get worse from here…

The pressure builds and with Irene suffering a near breakdown whilst cleaning, she attempts to justify to herself and the Almighty the course of action she has taken. Meanwhile, Caleb descends into a vitriolic debate with himself as to what his best course of action should be. The atmosphere between mother and son is a powder keg and one wrong turn of phrase will set it alight… as the tension between the two characters winds to excruciating levels, the scene is set for the dramatic showdown that the story demands!

‘Mirror’ scrutinizes the collapse in communication between two lost individuals who wish neither to listen to each other nor share honestly their thoughts or feelings. The superb set design serves to highlight the claustrophobically dark environment and mental architecture of the film, whilst the all-encompassing horror of the piece shines with the outstanding prosthetics and make up. Finally, the horrific and shocking denouement of the story is reinforced with the finely crafted visual and special effects; delivering a piece that will not easily be forgotten.

This film explores the weighty subject of dealing with the mentally ill within one’s own family. It does not attempt to pull short of delivering the consequences of mishandling this type of situation. Audiences will be shocked and stunned at where this unchecked downward spiral will lead!

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