"After the Revolution - what must follow a grace revolution" by Ryan Rufus

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The Church has arrived at the next stage of the grace revolution and there are two ways we could go from here. We could camp around the foundation of grace or we could now begin to build on it and see the Church coming into its finest hour!

After the Revolution is all about what must follow after there has been a grace revolution in a church and in a person’s life.

Jeff Jansen - "I highly encourage leaders and lay people of all denominations and walks of life to read this book as it serves as a much needed tool to lift the Church into a higher place of revelation and identity."

Adam F Thompson- "I urge every pastor to read this book, as it will help build the Body of Christ and produce true legitimate children of the kingdom. Thank you Ryan for sharing your wisdom on this matter.”

Jocel Evangelista - I highly recommend this book for every believer who desires to grow and mature in the revelation of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Steve Schroeder - "This is an important book for every leaders Library.”

Lucas Miles - "After the Revolution is a must read for anyone who has experienced the paradigm shift of the gospel of grace and desires to grow in maturity in Christ.”

Dr Chuck Crisco - "This timely book is a critical message for the body of Christ in this worldwide movement called the Grace Revolution. Excellent!”

Steve Wheeler - "Ryan's recent book addresses many challenges that are current in grace preaching churches. It is clear, concise and biblical. A must read for anyone serious about keeping the Gospel the main thing."

Graham Jones - "Ryan both masterfully confronts the disempowering deception of a counterfeit grace culture and provides clear and practical biblical application on how to steer your congregation out of the maze of confusion and into the next season of stability, growth & fruitfulness.”

Tony Ide - “A strategic timely book that brings insight and wisdom at a critical juncture in this expanding revelation of grace. Both leaders and congregations will benefit greatly from this read.”

Paul P. Hernandez - “A grace book that we are all waiting for, it reveals the heart and the plan of the Bridegroom towards His bride. It shows how Jesus loves the Church and gave Himself for Her. It inspires, instructs and imparts the essence of what grace does both into our lives and the Church. Indeed we are living in the era of the local church.”

Craig Glenn - "In this time, the enemy seeks to undermine the grace of God, local-church and Godly leadership but After the Revolution is a powerful weapon against this attack! Whether you are a newborn believer or seasoned church leader, this book will leave you profoundly encouraged and strengthened!”

Rob Rufus - "This book has the power of activation in it and a sound to summon God’s precious people out of any confusion and into clarity. It will inspire people to step out of the camouflage of passivity and into initiatives of courage that invest with servant-hearted passion to see local churches thriving as agents of Kingdom advancement. It will bring a divine order and position churches to possess inheritance and bless nations!"

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