The Little Postman is a story from an untold land of fairy tales named Storytopia. Storytopia had three main races, they are: HUMER (human, elf, dwarf, giant), HOPER (Animal, Insect, Reptile, Fish, etc), and FLUTTER (fairy). In this story, you will meet a little Humer named 90. He is a seven-years-old boy with apple cheeks and cinnamon hair, he's a postman too!
This story is a project of Papercaptain Studio, an illustration studio for making wondrous children illustration. 90 is main mascot for Papercaptain Studio. Furthermore, this is a prelude for another stories from Storytopia.

Story, illustration, and video by Papercaptain Studio
Credit for BGM: "Sailboats Rendition" by That Starlight Guy and "Captains of the Sky" by Sky Sailing

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