Be happy,” the world tells us. Happy in all that we pursue.

But ‘happy’ is more than just a ‘feel good’ state.

A happy person is productive, clear-headed,

a better team member. Research shows, satisfied, happy

employees are key to a company’s financial success.

But how do you get there--to a state of mind, of happiness and

satisfaction, in the workplace? So that everyone benefits?

It’s not just by-the-book strategies: salaries and incentives. . .

perks or play areas or casual Fridays. In fact, some studies show

higher-paid, more pampered employees are less happy.

Employee happiness can’t be bought or cajoled.

So it’s time to think beyond the same old. . .

it’s time to think differently, in a world of new ideas

and futuristic concepts.

To understand happiness as a real state of peace and well-being.

Happiness as a force of the universe.

Powers like this are all around us. Some, still deeply

mysterious like dark matter. . .some like electricity,

once unknown and latent, until harnessed to change the world.

And others we know intuitively, but haven’t named--

the good vibrations in nature or a sacred place that make us happy.

Now from iZone Wellness, through thirty years of proprietary, focused

research, comes a breakthrough discovery. A holistic way to

reveal and generate these happy vibrations, and transmit them with

advanced iZone Wellness technology to locations anywhere in the


Think of cell phones and networks that send voice and data globally.

Think of sending happy vibrations to any workplace striving to be

more peaceful and productive. . .

Finally, beyond old patterns, programs and strictures.

In a word: happy.

Call or email today for an introductory consultation and free trial. . .

Discover how iZone Wellness can take your company

from ordinary. . .to extraordinary.

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