We set up in a city park just outside the main city center. There was no threat of rain and it was a warm clear beautiful night. God once again answered our prayers for good weather.

Because of the parks location we wondered if many people would come but to our amazement the crowd slowly grew to well over 3500 people! Some local people thought it could have been as many as 4000 people. It was totally packed on all sides and as far back as I could see from the stage.

The crowd was totally engaged during my preaching no one moved. Because there were so many people there was no point in asking people to go to the fire to receive Jesus as it was totally packed and it would have been impossible for the people to move there.

So I asked the crowd from the stage if they wanted to know Jesus and hundreds raised there hands. The response overwhelmed the local church and we were all amazed at what God did!

We gave out hundreds of our Russian language follow up cards and the local church talked to as many people as they could.

After that I did a interview with a Muslim journalist. He started out a little aggressive but it quickly changed and he became soft and open.

After the interview I gave him one of my books and he was excited and clearly touched by God.

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