The fact you are reading this over the Internet means:
You are luckier than 78% of the world who doesn’t have access to or use the Internet

If you can read this:
You are luckier than the 1,000,000,000 people in the world who are illiterate

If you’ll be eating dinner this evening
You are luckier than 32.6 million households in the USA who are considered “Food Insecure”, meaning they continually have less food than they need, and lack financial resources to get that food.

If you have the day off from work
You are luckier than 10.1 million Americans who are currently unemployed

If you will sleep in a bed tonight
You are luckier than the 750,000+ people in the United States who are homeless

If you make the federal minimum wage of $6.55/hr
You are in the top 12% of richest people in the WORLD. Said another way, you are RICHER than 88% of the world!

If you live on more than $2.50/day
You are luckier than over 3 billion people worldwide who make due with less

If you can give your children a glass of water
You are luckier than the parents of the nearly 400 million children who do not have access to safe drinking water

If you have an adequate home
You are luckier than 80% of the world who live in substandard housing

If you can attend church without fear of harassment, arrest, torture or death
You are luckier than nearly 3 billion people without such freedom

If you are “more healthy” than not
You are luckier than the 600,000+ people who will not survive the week.

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