Filed on 8/31/12 in Black Rock City, NV.

Hamilton is a maestro Ayahuasquero who lives and trained in the Peruvian amazon. Hamilton’s talk will focus on Ayahuasca shamanism and the traditional uses of Ayahuasca, how it is practiced, apprenticeship, working with elders and the modern uses of Ayahuasca for healing. Hamilton created a project called Modern Shamanism designed to create a unique form of shamanic/spiritual exploration for Modern people based out of modern life experience. He will be leading trances/meditations through this practice.

Hamilton has studied and practiced traditional Amazonian shamanism (with a focus in Ayahuasca, tree, and sanango shamanism) in the Peruvian Amazon for the last ten years. He became interested in how the shamans utilized sound, chant and music to guide and affect trance states as well as healing. He has practiced as a healer at the Blue Morpho center (, specializing in using Ayahuasca and sound to heal depression and generate transcendent experience of consciousness.

Quotes from this talk:

“Even they [the shaman] do not know what ayahuasca is, because you’re never experiencing ayahuasca. You are always experiencing ayahuasca plus you, and that combination is not ayahuasca. That combination is you and ayahuasca. And that means ayahuasca then is undefinable, we don’t know what it is, which then always allows us to continue to explore the unknown. And it becomes an unlimited journey for us to be able to continue to go further and further and further in our understanding.”

“The shamanism becomes a guide, and the ayahuasca becomes a guide for an exploration of the purity of consciousness.”

“[When interviewing a shaman] especially look at everybody in the eyes. The eyes in ayahuasca tell you everything. If you see people with eyes that get really glossed over and become really shifty, it’s letting you know something there is going on that maybe you don’t want to become like that. Maybe that’s not why you’re there.”

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