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By the end of this endless and rainy winter, we felt like chasing nature that was then starting to bloom in spurts of color, fragrancies, feelings... As it always happens when we want to create something beautiful (but just don't know yet what) we met with three friends that, like us, love being inspired by beautiful things. And then, all of a sudden, it happened. In between scones and raspberry tea, a common desire was born - it was time to celebrate spring!

We wanted to create enchanted and magical spots, full of simplicity and harmony. We wanted to pay our tribute to nature while telling a love story.

Top styling, inspired by raw materials and spring colors mingled with vintage elements set the tone. The rustic-chic scenery was set to transmit the ambiance full of romance we wanted to share. A markedly bucolic floral design lent all its color to the setting that meanwhile unfolded.

The makeup was smooth and tuned with all the rest. Earth and orange colored tones were used in order to emphasize Sara's big blue eyes. A perfectly sculpted skin and a smoky eye transported us to sunnier days.

For tea we had delicious apple pie pops, pancakes and orange-cinnamon mini-cakes.

Sara and João were a perfect and lovely couple for this adventure into the depths of spring. Soon they jumped on-board together, heading to the unique and etherial niche we created for them. A niche idealized for someone who loves, for someone who is in love.

Taking advantage of the fresh and relaxed look of the couple, we spread our wings and did what we enjoy the most - to tell love stories - and through our eyes perpetuate this beautiful spring tale.

List of vendors:

Photography and Cinematography: Ana Freitas and Francisco Sousa by Um Dia de Sonho (umdiadesonho.com)

Styling, flowers and accessories: Susana Abreu by Inspirarte (inspirarte.pt)

Make Up and Beauty: Jenny Miranda by Jenny's make up land (jennymakeupland.com)

Cake Design: Branca Lopes by Essência do Bolo (essenciadobolo.com)

Our Models: Sara Casimira and João Moreira

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