A failsafe, indicated by beeping, brings down my hawk sky fpv plane. Spektrum failsafe handling is set on the bench with the plane opened up. This is clunky and difficult to maintain. Compare this to a TSLRS UHF rc system and you see a much better way: a failsafe handling set button that you can push anytime flying, this way it's easier to maintain an accurate setting for current trim of the plane. Here the plane starts beeping, indicating failsafe, and it noses in. Am converting all my model airplanes to TSLRS and I think that Spektrum needs to spend less money on packaging and marketing.

Hawk Sky model motor glider by Dynam
Spektrum AR8000 rcx" Works perfect, but bad failsafe design for product line.
5.8Ghz 200mw video tx
Old scratched up 2.1 mm lens on ccd camera

Failsafe caused by internet connection satellite dish broadcast probably.

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