Film by Eric Minh Swenson.

When Andi Campagnone, Director of MOAH - The Museum of Art & History, Lancaster, CA, introduced the idea of being photographed and filmed in my studio around the time of my exhibit 'WHIM WHAM,' I was dubious and skeptical to say the least. I am a very private man and traditionally careful to protect the hallowed domain of my Ojai studio from the public eye. Having googled Eric Minh Swenson I was greeted by numerous images of Eric gagging it up at art events, advancing my concerns that our chemistry would not be productive or revelatory.

My experience once Eric visited the studio for the first time was quite the contrary. Eric filmed me in three separate locations over a period of three or four months with intimacy, the patience of a monk, and profound respect. Eric is a discreet and nuanced videographer and directs with wisdom, insight, and grace. This is a man who sees and hears, and 'knows too much to argue or to judge.'

Eric is one of the faithful, who exhibits his rigorous belief in ART and Artists by allowing them to reveal themselves while furthering their passions.

Gary Lang June, 2013
For more info on Eric Minh Swenson or project inquiries visit his website


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