60 second animated ident for Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network approached us to produce 10 seconds of animation promoting their current slate of characters for a new summer ident. The footage would be stitched together with work from 5 other studios around the world as a sort of animated "exquisite corpse."

We recieved the music, a limited 4 colour palette and access to Cartoon Network's huge library of animated characters from shows such as Adventure Time, The Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball and even Looney Tune icons Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

Alex Grigg (England) alexgrigg.com
Eamonn O'Neill (England) eamonnoneill.ie
Impactist (US) impactist.com
CRCR (France) crcr.fr
Rubber House (Australia) rubberhousestudio.com
Awesome Inc. (US) awesomeincorporated.com

Music by Impactist (US) impactist.com

Produced by Cartoon Network 2013.

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