Loser is a short action film that we have done for our Digital Video and Audio Major assignment. This is our first time to film the action film. It is very interesting and challenging. We faced a lot a lot a lot of problems between the filming and also the post production, but we learned a lot a lot a lot as well. We were really enjoying in it.

PLEASE COMMENT so that we can improve next time.

Ivan Hruba
James Peacock
Mort Salman

Written/Directed/Shot by:
Tiffany Sin Yi Yon
Camilla Wei Sing Kiew

Lighting Coordinates:
Tiffany Sin Yi Yon

Action Directors:
Tiffany Sin Yi Yon
Camilla Wei Sing Kiew

Video Editor:
Tiffany Sin Yi Yon

Sound Editor:
Camilla Wei Sing Kiew

Special Thanks to:
Jonathan Lang
Dominic Chin Chien Yung
Eric Toh Yik Li
Hii Shu Chyng

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