Royal Forest records a performance of "Everyone Who Knows You" on the USS Cavalla submarine in Galveston, TX.

Directed/Shot/Edited by Cody Ground
Sound/Mix by Justin Douglas

We recorded and filmed this song in three hours with two microphones. We've been making live field recordings of our songs lately, and Justin came up with the idea of doing one inside the USS Cavalla, a WWII submarine in Galveston he went to as a kid. Capturing the sounds of this weird, boxy, metallic space was our main interest---for example, we set a guitar amp in a torpedo tube to maximize reverb. We forgot mic stands, so we just draped mics over metal shafts. Every instrument was recorded separately to a multitrack recorder on a laptop, and the video is pretty much a documentary: when you see someone playing something, that's the sound you hear on the recording. The song starts with a loop made on a Strymon El Capistan tap delay pedal, and during the bridge the foundation director flipped on the red lights that crews used to use to simulate nighttime. We left Galveston with a song, a video, and a lifetime membership in the American Undersea Warfare Center.

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The American Undersea Warfare Center

Cavalla Historical Foundation

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