While Bernice waits to see what Braxiatel is planning, she's getting back to her roots - investigating the site of a previously undiscovered civilization. It isn't long however, before she's being pursued through the ruins by an implacable foe.

On her own, light-years from rescue, she must rely on her wits to survive and discover who wants her dead and buried.


Bernice Summerfield: Lisa Bowerman
Irving Braxiatel: Miles Richardson
Robot: John Ainsworth

Written By: Eddie Robson, John Ainsworth and Alex Mallinson
Music & Sound Design: Matthew Cochrane
Producer: John Ainsworth
Voice Direction: John Ainsworth
Directed & Animated: Alex Mallinson
Web Support: Paul Wilson
Recorded at The Moat Studios

(c) 2010 Big Finish Productions

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