Test video shot with the Canon 5D Mark III loaded with the Magic Lantern RAW firmware to see low light performance of the RAW files.

The material has been pushed in post to see if it hold up but not graded in terms of color. The vimeo compression destroys it a lot but it holds amazingly in post. The dog images has been pushed the most, very dark and shot around 1600 ISO. Watch high-res version for the details!

High-res version: bit.ly/10ODlbv

Banding is there in the skies but not at all close to the amount that shows in the compressed version, kind of amazing for a camera that had it written all over before. There's also some strange chromatic aberation in the trees, red/pinkish. Which is more visible uncompressed, very disturbing, could be something in the conversion process.

And then there's post, the workflow was painful... Used RAW2CDNG to convert the RAW files to CinemaDNG. Worked great until I had exported from Resolve, edited in FCPX and then wanted to go back to Resolve to grade. I think the timecode has gone missing so I had to reconnect every clip manually.

MUSIC: "Draw the end until you have crashed" by Ending Satellites (endingsatellites.com)

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