Director by Shaun Sewter at MOO.


Brewmaster's Inspiration is the latest in a series of a highly successful campaign for the Blue Moon.

In 2009, Creation was the first commercial made for Blue Moon. Collaborating with The Integer Group, we needed to make a splash that spoke to the detailed care and artistry which goes into every bottle of Blue Moon.

Two years later, Brewmaster's Touch was the second in the series for Blue Moon created by our team. A third in the campaign is shot and waiting to air. All films talk to the emotions of the brewmaster artisans.

Brewmaster's Inspiration was shot stop motion with some very patient Brewmasters (who also happen to be the actual Brewmaster's from Blue Moon's brewery and our clients). All the films had several weeks of post production created the environment, bringing film to life.

Client: Blue Moon Brewing Company

Production Company: MOO Studios
Director: Shaun Sewter
Exec Producer: David Lyons
Line Producer: Soundis Azaiz
VFX Super: Sebastiano D'Aprile

Agency: The Integer Group
Group Creative Director: Dan Kiefer
Associate Creative Director: Dustin Bredice
Senior Art Director: Tom Reynolds
Associate Copywriter: Sam Zeanah
Director of Integrated Content Production: Robert Stocking
Senior Integrated Producer: Aimee Woodard

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