A short video documentary of an interventionist performance art work and political action created by media artist Joseph DeLappe. The Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that a 100 by 100 mile square solar farm in the American Southwest would be "more than enough to meet the country's entire energy demand."

From May 19th to 29th, 2013, in a work to symbolically identify a geographical area large enough for such a solar farm, DeLappe road a long-tail bicycle 460 miles dragging pieces of chalk to physically draw a line encircling the Federal lands that include the Nevada Test Site, "Area 51", Yucca Mountain and Nellis Air Force Range.

The work is intended as an act of political protest, a "demonstration" and a speculative design project suggesting the repurposing of the largest military installation in the world located in southern Nevada, just north of Las Vegas.

Visit project929.com for further documentation and writing regarding the project.

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